Supercharge productivity in your browser with Gemini AI

Your sticky Gemini AI assistant to stay in the flow of work

I built it for Google Chrome. Maybe it works in other Chromium browsers too...
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Device frame

No window, tab or context switching

Get instant help from Gemini AI, from inside your current Chrome tab

  • Reliable
  • History
  • Tuning

Other cool Gemini features

Unlock productivity now. You deserve it.

  • Deeper Google integrations

    • 📮Gemini + Gmail summaries
    • 🗄️ Gemini + Drive exploration
    • 🗃️ Gemini + Screenshots processing
  • Custom palettes

    • 🔦 Dark mode
    • 🔆 Light mode
  • Built for productivity

    • 🖼️ Image Generation (BETA)
    • 🌐 Understands your language
    • 😎 Comes with protective sunglasses (jk)

Free - like the air you breathe.

Unlike other AI co-pilots and assistants, Gemini AI is free as long as you’re logged into your Google account!